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Life before The Private Clinic

I’m not the biggest fan of going to the doctor, so when I was on my way for a medical facial at The Private Clinic – I didn’t know what to expect. My life is a collage of brunches, buffets and bingeing. It was now judgement day, and I prayed my skin wouldn’t reveal my unhealthy lifestyle. For me, a skincare routine is simply a splash of water in the morning. And maybe a little rinse in the evening, if it’s covered in grease and BBQ sauce from dinner. I stood outside The Private Clinic, and took a deep breath. The soft scent of flowers and lemon caught my attention, and I walked in.


Life at The Private Clinic

I was greeted by smiling faces, and asked to take a seat in the reception area. It was bathed in natural sunlight, and a stylish water dispenser filled with lemon and cucumber caught my eye. It drove my basic plastic Nestle water cooler at home to shame. You know you’ve made it when your water has more than just ice cubes floating in it. For me, it’s often toys my cat dumps in my glass when I’m not looking. And the ocassional fly. My thoughts were interrupted by a staff member called Michelle – she would proceed to perform the medical facial on me. She asked me to quickly fill in a client form, and lead me to the procedure room.

She analyzed my skin with her peepers, and asked me if I was allergic to this and sensitive to that. I proudly said no to everything (feeling healthier than I am at that moment). I even said no to using sunscreen, because I’ve never felt the need to apply it since I’m naturally brown. Michelle tutted and said that’s why my face was discolored in some areas. I felt like less of a sunburn-immune bad ass then.

I laid down on the procedure table, and we got started! She cleansed my face, then applied a thick paste of cooling enzyme gel. That made think there were tiny microorganisms eating my face. If they insisted on dining on my dead skin cells, at least it didn’t hurt! This was followed by a cream that scooped out the impurities from my clogged pores. Clogging is meant for pipes, not pores, so it was then that I realized how much my face needed this. A salt water mixture was then applied to my face to tighten the pores, and this felt like my face was cooking from the inside out. It didn’t feel excruciating, but it did unleash a conspicuous internal heat. It kind of felt like wearing a fur coat and walking along Sheikh Zayed Road during mid-summer. An interesting experience.

What did help was that Michelle guided me along the journey, and explained the medical benefits of each step. After ten minutes of tighetning up, she cleansed me face and asked me to look into the mirror. I went in with a face like coal and walked out with something close to a diamond! My skin appeared polished, and I looked refreshed. Two days later, the positives kept on rolling with my skin looking brighter with every passing day.



Life after The Private Clinic

Michelle left me with a few gems of wisdom, to bring out the best in my skin. While she gave me these tips after analyzing my skin, it could apply to anyone who wants to look after their skin.

Stay hydrated. Step 1: Buy those giant bottles of water, even though it’ll be hell to carry them back to your apartment from the store. Step 2: Drink one and a half of those every day.

Use sunscreen. No matter what tone your skin is, direct sunshine can be damaging. It could cause some major pigmentation, which you don’t want. Unless you want to look like the Rorschach inkblot best. Michelle recommended SPF 40 for my complexion.

Establish a daily skincare routine.
Drizzle your skin with water when you wake up, treat it with a cleanser followed by a toner. Then give it some moisturizer love. Repeat at night.

Consult your doctor and get your vitamin supplements in order.
It’s astonishing how different areas of your face can tell the tale of what’s going on inside your body.

You can find The Private Clinic on Jumeirah Beach Road. Check out its website here!

Author: Nichole Miranda

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