Summer jet setters, here’s Switzerland’s latest must-see attraction


Swissminiatur, the biggest family-friendly exhibition in Switzerland, has inaugurated its latest model. Recreating Switzerland’s Big Square of Locarno in miniature form, the model was built to complement the open-air park’s 120+ miniatures representing the most important buildings, houses, castles, monuments, and transportation means in Switzerland over 14,000 square meters of land.

The exhibition, which gives visitors the chance to experience Switzerland in ‘less than an hour’ through models constructed at a 1:25 scale, houses over 3,500 metres of railways with 18 different train models, sailing boats, cable cars and funiculars crossing mountains, cars moving along a highway, coin-operated rides for children, and a large passenger train which tours the park for visitors to experience the attraction.

“We are excited to introduce this new model, which represents one of Southern Switzerland’s biggest squares,” said Swissminiatur Director Joël Vuigner. “Even though it is the only exhibition of its kind in the region, Swissminiatur aims to keep visitors informed and entertained with Switzerland’s biggest attractions – in miniature – making it an attraction in itself; we’ve had over 20 million visitors over the course of 50 years.”

Newer models include ‘Dazio Grande’, a massive ancient customs building which dates back to the 16th century. Highlights include ‘Heidi’s Village’, the original site being the inspiration for Johanna Spyri children’s fiction character ‘Heidi’, the Swiss National Circus and even some international monuments including the Milan Cathedral and Titanic, 25 times smaller than the original.

“Children love Swissminiatur,” added Vuigner. “They get to see Switzerland at their height, play with Rudy the mascot and munch on local, Indian, Chinese and Halal cuisine with dishes designed just for them.”

For nature lovers, the whole park is a delight to the senses, decorated with a selection of 1,500 different plants and over 15,000 flowers beautifying the detailed, authentic hand-painted miniature models, some of which are plastered and produced in Switzerland and others abroad.

Author: Nichole Miranda

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