Rove Hotels is the funky, urban hotel brand from EMAAR Hospitality Group. We love Rove Healthcare City, and here’s why:

That certain smell.

A secret, wonderful, welcoming aroma hits you as you enter the super funky reception of the hotel. A trade secret, Rove has this smell permeating every branch (there are currently four).  It’s hard to describe, but it’s a clean, fresh, kiss to nose with hints of flowers and Arabian oud. If only our aparment smelt this good.

Green Parking, free parking.

There’s no valet, but you can park outside or underground with no hassle. There’s also reserved spots with charging units for electric cars. Parking is free, too. There’s no ‘don’t forget to get your ticket stamped’ nonsense, no arguments. Just drive up, park and get on with your cool, urban, hipster life.

Art. Oh the coolness!

This place is every ‘grammers dream. Each nook and cranny at the Rove Healthcare City has stylish pictures, graffiti, Arabic phrases and drawings. There are toys, books and ornaments liberally spread around the ground floor too. The art pays a strong homage to the immediate area, with a nod to modern style. Think plastic camels in bell jars, and a giant graffitied karak seller adorning the wall by the lifts. We had hours of fun spotting all the quirky little graffiti icons all over the hotel, from postage stamps to snowmen. This place inspires you to create.

24-hour gym, 24-hour laundry

Get sweaty, and then get clean. Most hotels offer pricey clothes washing services, but if you’re staying here on your way somewhere else, dive into the laundry, throw your gear in the professional machines, and be on your freshly-laundered-and-dried way in 1.5 hours. Rove Hotels also offers a full laundry service, but hey, a bit of DIY is fun, especially with a laundry room this cool. The gym offers all the resistance machines you need, and while we meant to visit during our stay, the Arcade machine downstairs offered enough of a workout. In our humble opinion, the vending machine just outside the gym is the best piece of equipment there.

PacMan vs PlayStation

Between the awesome cafe and the lifts, you’ll find a couple of shipping crates, converted into a wood-lined gaming and internet zone. It’s like everyone’s dream cave, where you can escape from the world for a little while (or maybe a day or two!) There’s a slick, large screen Mac, an old-school arcade machine with multiple games, and a PlayStation 4 hooked up to a giant screen, with beanbags and wireless controllers. If you’re like me, you’ll make any excuse to pretend you need to go downstairs, and hit up PacMan, Space Invaders or Galactica for ten minutes. See that high score? That’s me.


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The Daily Show

At the heart of the Rove Healthcare City is The Daily, a restaurant/ bar zone with blazing wifi, plenty of power points and free water. A great spot to work, there are a couple of benches with power, a long sharing table with power points, and twin trees which give a bit of rural spice to the funky urban feel. High ceilings and floor-to-ceiling glass makes this a wonderful workspace, and the international menu offers some tasty gems at reasonable prices. We love the daily specials, and the AED99 Friday brunch is simply unbeatable. This is stylish, classy, urban chilling at its best.

USB charging points and an HDMI socket in every room

Possibly the cleanest rooms we’ve seen in Dubai, featuring a large flat screen TV fitted with a Samsung system that allows you to beam your phone to the screen, floor-to-ceiling windows, funky wall art, free tea, coffee and water and even USB charging points. Really handy when you’ve got four phones, a Kindle, an IPad…and a host of other USB-powered junk. And the bed? Did we mention the bed? This is beyond a standard hotel bed. We found it edged its way to the top of our top-ten hotel beds in the world list. Sorry, Anantara.

An oversized wet-room style shower with a rain and rose head

Some hotel rooms have bathtubs. Some hotels offer all sorts of shower-side gels, lotions and potions. The Rove offers an oversized, brightly-lit wet room, big enough for a party (cough cough), and with shower gel and shampoo in envir0nmentally-friendly refillable bottles. There’s a futuristic shower rose, and at the turn of a dial you can pretend you’re in a rainstorm while staying in the middle of the desert!

Zoom off to Zoom

Those of us already living in Dubai will be familiar with Zoom, but it’s a new concept to have such a large franchise supermarket in a hotel. We think it’s a brilliant one. Open 24 hours, you can buy all sorts of fresh food like fruit and milk, but there’s an eclectic mix of things at non-tourist prices. You can also get a freshly-made sandwich, cakes and coffee. This is so much better than searching for an obscure store in most hotels, and then paying three times more than the High Street for toothpaste or a comb.

A real treat to meet

Being such an effortlessly cool, hip place, you might be surprised to discover that Rove Healthcare City also caters for meetings and small events – but it does, with a “Why can’t every hotel do it like this?” feel.  Hit the ‘M’ button in the lift, and you’ll discover a floor with not only meeting rooms, but meeting rooms with all sorts of quirks. Conference tables have table tennis nets strung across their middle. There’s Fussball, table tennis and basketball. This is an unconventional space where cool companies should come and plot life-changing apps. It’s light, bright and airy, and a fun place to do business.

Only ten reasons?

We could go on – we haven’t mentioned the relaxed vibe – the staff here are super chilled, and very friendly.

Don’t be surprised to see the managers welcoming people with genuine hugs and handshakes.

We haven’t mentioned the lounge area – with books, magazines and stylish, comfy furniture.

We nearly forgot to mention the super cool high-ceilinged entrance, where images of the UAE’s rulers are made from maps, and traditional art adorns the walls, while sleek digital clocks, Macs and LED rolling scripts welcome you to the Rove Hotel concept.

And we very nearly forgot to mention the price – this is honestly the best deal in town – check out the link to Rove Hotels here, and tell them Middle East Living sent you! We could go on, but we need a dip in the swimming pool we forgot to mention…

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Address: 19th Street, Oud Metha, Bur Dubai – Dubai
Phone: 04 561 9200


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  1. This review is a puff piece! That Rove smell? I find it overwhelming and nauseating! It is not a natural, spicy Oud – it’s artificial, sweet, powdery, and girly. It lingers in my clothing and on my skin. I find it particularly obnoxious in the restaurants, where the food is good, but its aroma is quickly trounced by that all-pervasive sweet fragrance that’s pumped in overhead unrelentingly. (The scent is less evident in the new, more expensive Rove Downtown, where the ground-floor design sets the restaurant off from the heavily-perfumed main lobby and relaxation areas). Asthma sufferers and anyone allergic to or bothered by inescapable cloying fragrances should beware! Oh for a breath of fresh clean air at the Rove!

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