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Medhi Ansari, aka Shemroon, is one of the founders of Analog Room, the Dubai night club which offers niche music representation of underground, techno, and modern psychedelic tunes, bringing some of the best names from the international circuit whilst encouraging local talent.

There is a party every Thursday at Analog Room with some of the best names in the underground music industry. Here, Shemroon explains the club night’s ethos.

Tell us about the Analog Room…

Analog Room is known as an underground techno party. A common misconception is most people don’t know or understand our mission and what we are aiming to achieve through our music and the experience we offer at our parties. Analog Room is a cultural project. It is focused on presenting artistic and inspiring music, [with the aim of] educating the music scene and improving the night life industry. Both have direct impacts on the culture of our region.

What makes it different?

Simplicity, quality and details. There is nothing crazy going on; rather just very cutting-edge music from around the globe presented in an urban looking, simple room. The sound and acoustics have been installed and engineered to a high level. Analog Room is not willing to follow where the music business is to survive or make a profit.

We are here to change for a better music industry and richer art culture.

This sounds very simple, but is very challenging in a city like Dubai. We let the music speak and our loyal fans are our marketing tools. We do not try to sell Analog Room. We just share information on artists coming to perform. Roomers make sure that the right people know about this and join us every Thursday to experience a great night out.

What sort of crowd do you attract?

Music heads, producers, industry people, artists, audiophiles and talented people. A human can recognise good music by nature. When they come to Analog Room once, they just enjoy it. They might not come back every week, but at least we tried to inspire and educate, some without even knowing. Once people come to Analog Room they are hooked, and understand what quality music is. We simply want to fill the room filled with people, listening and enjoying quality music. Not the music that has been made to sell.

How strong is Dubai’s underground music scene? Are we behind the times?

Dubai’s underground music scene is very young and small. Every couple of years the scene gets a kick start, going towards the right direction by the effort of people who work in this space, then everything tears apart again. Business walks in, competition walks in, hotel managers and hybrid concepts come in where they copy a real underground party and change it to an event where tables are sold, there is a dress code, music is programmed from the top 10 listings and people are lining up to be where the crowd is, mingle and spend their money without any intention of caring about music.

It becomes just another typical Dubai fashion event, whatever the music is. Not having the support of cultural departments for musical cultural events (or in other words, electronic music not being recognised as a cultural tool),  makes this happen again and again. The only people we can work with are always hotel managers who understand what niche musicians are trying to create. You have to be very lucky that the one you deal with is cool and a bit understanding but there are no guarantees.

How do your resident DJs get a residency? What’re the criteria?

We keep our eyes and ears open for anyone who has the knowledge and is inspiring. Anyone who plays the right music. You don’t necessarily need to be a DJ who has been playing for years. You can be an artist who does his very first official gig at Analog Room. If you are an old DJ in this city and we have not approached you, it means we are not interested in that style of music. What matters is the art direction and taste. Skills and experience come after and we can help that grow. If this happens for a while then they will, of course, be added to our team as one of the forces of presenting good music to the scene.

What new acts can we expect this season?

XDB, Jane Fitz, Lawrence, Patrice Scott, Anton Zap, Alexi Delano, DJ Nobu, and Roman Flugel are some of the names that we can share at this moment.

Analog Room,

Industrial Avenue, Westin Hotel, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Every Thursday, 10pm – 3am
Booking details: AED 100 ONLY AT THE DOOR

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