AED50,000 solid gold Gummy Bear on offer at Dubai’s Boxpark

gold gummy bear

Imagine how many gummy bears you could swap for a solid gold one worth AED50,000?

Dine at this funky retail and entertainment venue and you could get your hands on gummy gold!

Gummy Bears. We all love the chewy fruity candy, but now Boxpark – Dubai’s funkiest shipping crate-based retail, leisure and dining zone – is offering you the chance to win a SOLID GOLD gummy bear – worth AED50,000 – that’s more than $13,600!

All you have to do to stand a chance of winning this uneatable, unique Ursus is spend AED200 at any of the participating dining venues between February 25 and March 12, 2016, and enter a draw to win the bear.

But everyone’s a winner. Guests will receive a Boxpark Gumball coin that can be used to redeem an instant prize at Gumball machines throughout the venue.

Just one lucky grand prize winner – to be announced on March 15 – will receive the highly coveted solid gold gummy bear.

Boxpark is Meraas’s latest offering to Dubai’s high street retail, outdoor dining and entertainment proposition. Offering distinctive retail experiences and quirky dining options in a hip and modern setting, the destination, spanning 1.2 kilometers is located on Al Wasl Road. With The Dome Box, a 360-degree dome theatre screening entertaining and educating cinematic productions, Boxpark offers a memorable leisure destination for people of all ages.

Solid gold Gummy Bear

Box Park, Dubai – solid gold giveaway!

Boxpark is inspired by urban renewal projects, combining the finest in contemporary architecture with the aesthetics of warehouse containers. An industrial character dominates the project’s design across all its aspects, including the fixtures and open spaces.

Boxpark seeks to debut local and international concepts in its stores comprising world-class retail, restaurants, cafes and entertainment brands. The destination currently hosts 44 stores and serves as a go-to space for artists and entertainers.

Want to get your sticky fingers on that shiny, gummy bear?
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