BEST OF BAVARIA: Audi excels on home territory

Walting, 260615 , Road Trip and visit Audi Sport in Neuburg an der Donau Audi RS 6 Avant Photo: Audi Middle East / Steve Bauerschmidt

Audi RS 6 Avant

Photo: Audi Middle East / Steve Bauerschmidt

Taking a bunch of Audis through Bavaria is about as good as it gets

A road trip through Bavaria might not be the longest or most demanding automotive sojourn you ever take but it’s one of the best. In particular, a run from Munich to Nurnberg, getting off the Autobahn and navigating the country roads that traverse the most stunning parts of Germany’s southeast is an absolute treat.

From the imposing to Alps to the fertile Danube plain, Bavaria is a place that offers charm and delivers it. Castles, medieval walled towns, brilliant breweries, it’s all there.

It also helps when you have a swag of Audis under you such as Audi RS6 Avante, Audi RS7 and RS Q3. In the middle of Bavaria lies the Nature Park Altmühltal, one of the most popular holiday areas of south Germany and a glorious place to drive. It’s an old mining and agricultural area with delightful estates, castles and watchtowers. The landscape is a valuable heritage and everything has been done to protect it.

Walting, 260615 , Road Trip and visit Audi Sport in Neuburg an der Donau Audi RS 6 Avant Photo: Audi Middle East / Steve Bauerschmidt
Audi RS 6 Avant
In Altmühltal we lunched at the town of Eichstatt at a restaurant called Schoenblick which means beautiful view and it couldn’t have been more aptly named. If you make it there, order the trout (you’ll have to find a helpful German speaker to translate) from the nearby streams we drove past. It is located on the Altmuhl River. Eichstatt is a university town rich in history and, unsurprisingly for this part of the country, breweries.

The Franconia lake area takes away the woes of the world. As locals who live in the mountains will explain they take things much more steadily than their counterparts in other parts of the country. We’ve hunkered down in a period hotel in BahnhofstrasBe in the heart of Nuremberg, and opposite the famous railway station

Nuremberg it is Bavaria’s second largest city after Munich, lying on the Pegnitz river and the Main-Danube Canal. When people think of Nuremberg, gingerbread, toys, the Reich Party Rally Grounds, or the Nuremberg Trials tend to spring to mind. But the old town of Nuremberg in the shadow of towering imperial castle is more than that. Gothic churches, splendid patricians’ houses, casual restaurants and overall a buzzing vibe of co-existence between the past and the present.

It’s time for another run through the countryside to the relatively new Audi Sport headquarters at Nuremberg which is done via Greding, Kifenberg and Bergheim with plenty of autobahn and country roads.


Nuremberg , 260615 , Road Trip and visit Audi Sport in Neuburg an der Donau Audi RS7 Photo: Audi Middle East / Steve Bauerschmidt
Audi RS7
It’s set on 47 heactares and 18,000 guests filed through the front doors last year for a serious taste of state-of-the-art automotive technology. There are trophies galore in the bulging showcase from Le Mans to Pike’s Peak, and from the looks of the dedication here at HQ there will be plenty more. Le Mans conquests are top priority.

When you’re back in Munich ditch the car. The sprawling English Garden is among Europe’s biggest city parks and bigger than even London’s Hyde Park and New York’s Central Park. You’ll find your way to unlikely Chinesischer Turm (Chinese Tower), now at the heart of Munich’s oldest beer garden.

It was built in 18th century during a European obsession for all things oriental. There’s also more Asia at the Japanisches Teehaus , built for the 1972 Olympics beside an idyllic pond. There’s even an authentic tea ceremony celebrated by a Japanese tea master.

Walk the walkable city centre with its galleries, museums live music, markets, beer halls. Royal Bavarian heritage is everywhere, from menus to architecture. Cafes are a delight and outdoor areas tend to have the seating facing one way for people watching.


Author: Phil Moore

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