Burn off that Booty/Belly with Hypoxi

So many of us spend hours in the gym, working up a sweat day in day out, but somehow keep seeing minimal results. I guess there is nothing more frustrating than putting in the work, and not getting what you want, particularly when it comes to burning off those stubborn fat deposits, which just don’t seem to melt, regardless of how much you try.

The best solution I have ever come across for long term weight- and inch- loss is Hypoxi. HYPOXI® Training has been consistently shown to give amazing results after just a few sessions. Where diet and exercise do not always reduce cellulite and weight loss can sometimes be problematic in certain areas, Hypoxi offers a solution for targeted body shaping. The method combines vacuum and compression technology with gentle exercise and healthy nutrition to target stubborn fat. And it truly does work. Clients can lose up to 25 centimeters in 12 to 15 sessions on problem areas such as the belly, buttocks, hips and thighs. It seems like a miracle solution!

The HYPOXI-Method makes your body work smarter, while it remains to be a low impact form of exercise. The sesssions supercharge your body’s natural fat burning system through gentle cycling or walking in a vacuum machine, which increases circulations and breaks down fatty deposits. It is completely safe, painless and comfortable.

Independent studies have shown Hypoxi to be up to 3 x more effective at targeted fat burning than regular exercise. Within a series of 12 to 15 sessions, it is not uncommon to lose a significant amount of centimeters on different body parts, like hips, thighs, belly and love-handles.

The Hypoxi method works with 4 different machines, all targeting different body parts and problem areas. Whatever your concern, whether it is your legs, love handles, hips or cellulite issues, Hypoxi has a designated program to solve your issue.

The best place to sign up for your series for Hypoxi sessions in Dubai is definitely one of the BodySmart Studios. Specialized in targeted body shaping, they offer a variety of quick and convenient technology-based exercises suitable for people of all ages, sizes or fitness levels. The great thing about doing Hypoxi is that the exercise level is low intensity and therefore you can easily send emails, talk on the phone or do other work while you are walking or cycling on your special machine. These treatments are recommended for those who want to lose weight, inches and shape their physique, with minimal time and effort. Sessions take only 30 minutes of your time.

BodySmart offers a FREE TRIAL to everyone and their membership packages are so well priced (you can save 25% to 50% OFF on 3, 6 and 12 month memberships).

BodySmart is open in Meadows Town Centre (View Directions), Umm Suqueim 2 (View Directions) and Beauty Connection Spa in Sheikh Zayed Road (View Directions). Clients can book through 043638318 or online at www.bodysmart.ae/hypoxi-session

Author: Kaya Peters

Kaya Peters is a Yoga Expert, Creative Writer, Wellness Lover and Lifestyle Junky. More on Kaya's personal blog: http://www.kayaloves.com

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