Green is the new black, with Sohad Acouri


Dubai-based Lebanese designer, Sohad Acouri, started designing elegant couture bridal gowns and evening wear in the mid-1990s. By the year 2000, his breathtaking work began enchanting woman across Dubai as he opened his first boutique here.

What makes Sohad Acouri stand out amongst the various bridal designers in Dubai is not just his innovative designs that are enough to make a woman want more, but also his environmentally friendly perspective. He only uses eco-friendly fabrics and materials; such as organic silk, micro illusion tulle, Tanzanian poplin, Italian taffeta and so much more. He is one of  few designers who believe every bit of fabric can be used to create a masterpiece, which is exactly what he does. Sohad Acouri uses leftover fabrics and incorporates them into his unique designs.

He does not limit his designs to a certain cut or style, but instead embraces the many different styles a dress can have. From A-line to mermaids, from a sweet heart to sleeves he is able to create beautiful modern dresses, as well as simple timeless gowns. His dresses come in every shade as well, not limiting a bride to the traditional white gown.

Acouri caters to a wide variety of women in Dubai. In addition to becoming an ‘Eco Green designer’ nominee for his uses of eco materials, he is a designer on the rise with dresses that every woman will want to own. His new collection is as bold and creative as you might expect; taking inspiration from the Biblical tale of Adam and Eve; Acouri has blended youth with maturity;  “A young rebel and independent lady, unique and feminine, feel the joy of life and the purity of a young girl. She is divine, self confident, seductive and elegant. This is Eve. Beautiful and illuminated glow shown with the poetic and innocent look; her makeup and hair style complimented the style,” he said.

The collection features delicate shades of pink, mint, hints of blue, beige, white and light smoke.
His works include styles that are straight cut with a slit; scarf style with asymmetrical length, cloche cut midi, pencil shape midi and micro dresses.

Author: Elisna Nel

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