Haute-couture with this hopping blogger

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Fifi Lapin is the bonny bunny magazines like Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar are missing on their team. She combines her minimalist features with maximalist ensembles, and doesn’t even perpetuate an unrealistic body image while she’s doing it. Pastels are Fifi’s best friends, in addition to her partner in crime – Ruby Gatta.

Fifi was born one of 257 brothers and sisters. Not even the glamorous can avoid tragedy, and Fifi lost her siblings to a fatal outbreak of Myxamatosis. Her parents are therefore incredibly protective and spoil her rotten. As an haress to her fathers fortune (which he made playing fast and loose with carrot and lettuce shares on the international stock market), she loves nothing better than spending her time shopping, browsing fashion magazines, shopping and attending the opening of an envelope. Your closet is guaranteed to be fluffier with the fabulous Fifi Lapin as your style sensai. Sugar, spice and everything nice are the ingredients that make Fifi Lapin.

Author: Nichole Miranda

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