A New Year, A New You, At Phuket Cleanse in Thailand

Even though most of us claim to love our wine, chocolate and glamorous lifestyles, deep down we do want that sexy beach body. We dream of youthful looks and endless energy, but mostly of the ability to let go of stubborn habits, which keep us stuck in the oh-so dangerous comfort zone. We are truly looking for a long term lifestyle transformation! And what better way to get to our desired state of physical and emotional fitness, than in a supportive environment on a tropical Island in the Andaman Sea.

Phuket Cleanse

The above is exactly what we can find at Phuket Cleanse on the Island of Phuket (Thailand). Different from other health retreats around the world, this resort offers a dynamic program of Detoxification, Healthy Nutrition, Weight-Loss Diets, Fitness, Health Education, Recovery Activities, High Class Healing Sessions, all in a stunning tropical setting, which promotes healing and wellness. I must say that of all the Detox and Wellness resorts I have visited around the world, I have never experienced such a whole rounded program and nourishing environment as at Phuket Cleanse.

One of the things that makes this resort stand out from others in the industry, is that they focus on Wellness and a complete Lifestyle change, rather than isolated weight-loss or fitness. The programs are very all-round and offers a lot of education, which allows for sustainable and long term change to take place. Numerous lectures are held during the program weeks; on Superfoods, best diets for different Body-types, how to avoid emotional eating, the best way to detox your body and many more fascinating topics. Guests leave this resort with a high level of knowledge and motivation to sustain change when going back home.

Phuket Cleanse

Set in a lush, tropical environment, away from Phukets nightlife and other temptations, Phuket Cleanse allows for a complete lifestyle transformation, deep human connection and an expansion of knowledge about everything to do with health and longevity. The resort serves mainly raw and vegan cuisine and also offers cooking classes and instructions, to ensure guests can go home and cook up some healthy food themselves. The daily meals consist out of vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds. The diet at Phuket Cleanse is high in nutrients and very low in carbohydrates, ensuring gradual weight-loss, clarity and energy throughout the day. They are also big on using super-foods with additional healing qualities.

Raw Food Phuket Cleanse

Some of the highlights of Phuket Cleanse are the incredible facilitators, therapists and lecturers. The physio sessions with Tom are highly healing and offer deep fascial release and insight in the human body and anatomy. The lectures with the many nutritionists and holistic practitioners offer completely new insights in how to approach diet and fitness for optimum well-being. Some of my personal favorites include the Muai Thai Boxing classes, the daily hikes around the lake and the leisurely visits to the beach at sunset. Not to mention the feeling of coming home to a family of loving and caring brothers and sisters.

For anyone who wants to take their health to a new level, investing in yourself by spending a week or two at Phuket cleanse would be highly recommended!

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Author: Kaya Peters

Kaya Peters is a Yoga Expert, Creative Writer, Wellness Lover and Lifestyle Junky. More on Kaya's personal blog: http://www.kayaloves.com

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