New Years Resolutions: Detoxing in Romania

It is my firm belief that every human being has the responsibility to take care of their physical body to the best of their abilities. “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food”. Hippocrates said it hundreds of years ago, and was way ahead of his time by doing so. It’s such a simple statement, yet a challenge to integrate, especially in the current rushed and stressful societies most of us live.

In Holistic medicine it is a common belief that dis-ease starts with an accumulation of physical and emotional toxins. Detoxification programs are popular among holistic practitioners and those who advise a more natural way of life. These detox programs are often recommended as a regular health tune-up, weight-loss remedy, to get rid of addictions and even as anti-cancer cures. It is therefore no surprise that detox hotels keep popping up all over the globe, providing a combination of fasting, raw food and healing treatments.
A new phenomena is the “day detox center”, where people can come during the daytime, but spend the night at home or in their hotel of choice. The newly opened Atasagon Detox Center in the city of Brasov, Romania, offers a wide variety of therapy programs and treatments for those who wish to take a break from regular “toxic” lifestyles, while still enjoying a holiday, or being able to continue their regular life.AtasagonThis newly opened center is located in the beautiful city of Brasov. The Romanian town itself oozes wellness, as it’s surrounded by mountains and forests, and has a peaceful, calm vibe. The center is easily reachable from anywhere in the city. Staying in the old part of the city allows for sightseeing and an enjoyable holiday, while reaping the benefits from doing a full body detox. Guests can stay at the center during the day, while receiving their juices, raw food and advanced holistic therapies. The rest of the time can be spent seeing the stunning environment, doing excursions or spending time in the city.
Atasagon offers different options for detoxification: The Master Detox program, the Green Detox Program, and the Raw Food option. Number one and two are pure fasting programs , while the third one allows for consumption of raw vegetables and fruits. In addition, the center has some of the most modern and advanced health treatments in Romania, carried out by highly qualified therapists. Their treatment menu includes radio-frequency therapy, an authentic Turkish hammam, blood analysis and a wide variety of massages and anti-aging treatments. Guests leave Atasagon, which means “healer”, rejuvenated, lighter and with a new understanding of health.Raw PizzaObviously Atasagon could be considered a wonderful option for the Romanian citizens, who are very open to alternative healing methods like these. Personally I feel a trip to Romania is well worth the effort, and what better way to spend your holiday than to have the ultimate combination of culture, rest and an inspiring environment. Brasov is one of the most beautiful cities in Romania, and invites visitors to introspection and self-development. It is also called “the city of the Heart”, as it is known for it’s healing energy. Spending a week in Brasov guarantees a wonderful holiday, and at the same time offers cost effective ways to detoxify, prevent dis-ease and get healthy.

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