Next level escape games with HintHunt Dubai’s submarine

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First “Mission Game” in the Middle East, HintHunt Submarine features two games in one room

HintHunt Dubai, Tripadvisor’s leading UAE escape game, has launched the first mission game concept in the Middle East, the Submarine. Unlike any other escape game, the Submarine theme has two different missions within one room, thus allowing it to be played twice.

Unlike other escape games, the Submarine theme has two different missions within one room, allowing it to be played twice.

Players get to experience what it feels like to be in a real submarine and swim through the riddles and clues to make it out in time. Being virtually submerged underwater in a highly-mechanized Submarine, the idea of an Escape Game has shifted to an Escape Mission.

“The Submarine mission is one that definitely challenges your problem-solving skills and promptitude on the spot, it is not a drill. It also encourages team building and better relationships, as the presence of team spirit and the ability to collaboratively work with one another is essential to complete the mission escape in time”, said Lina El Saheb, Managing Partner at HintHunt Dubai.

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Lina El Saheb, Managing Partner, HintHunt

The 3 to 5 team members will be part of a crew in the U-53 Submarine and choose between two different missions that can be played one after another or independently. In the Torpedo challenge, the submarine has disappeared from the radar and the players need to find out what happened and prepare the torpedo for any possible threats. The excitement continues within the Deep Down challenge, in which the engine stops functioning and the submarine begins to sink. With 60 minutes in hand, your mission is to restart the engine and get back to the surface as soon as possible.

There are three identical submarine rooms available, so groups of friends or corporate teams can challenge each other to complete the missions simultaneously. Other available escape games within HintHunt include the Zen room and JM’s office.

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