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Craig Perry’s long-awaited first album, Jigsaw Repeat, is now available, and Middle East Living got a sneak preview.

Perry is a Dubai-based musician on a mission, to make the best home-grown album ever. Lofty ambitions, maybe, but having listened to ‘Jigsaw Repeat’  I’d rather hear Perry’s interpretation of Bowie than Kanye West’s any day.

The album is an unusual mix of mournful and uplifting tunes. Stand out songs for us are ‘Mrs Stevenson’, ‘Get Up’ and ‘Hurricane’, but this is perhaps because we’ve heard him belting out these catchy tunes at a number of Dubai venues already.

All three, we hope, should be released as singles. Despite the titular track being perhaps the most ‘rock’ of all the tunes, the creative sweep of Mrs Stevenson, and the catchy chorus leaves the song embedded in your head all day.

Get Up’s anthemic chorus will also stay with you; I might set it as my phone alarm in the morning.

Perry’s album is familiar, in the way that all good tunes give you that sense of deja vu – there is something about his style and voice that is both recognisable, yet different at the same time. We got hints of Newton Faulkner, Green Day and Nickelback.

His album is good old fashioned rock ‘n’ roll – heavy, jangling guitars, crashing cymbals and fast drumming play a heavy part in the tunes; yet equally, piano, strings and acoustic guitar also figure strongly.

The mournful tunes seem to be interpolated with the livelier, rockier tunes, which is a bit odd. If this was your make-out album, you’d probably fall off the couch. It’s like jumping from a romantic dinner to grinding at a gig.

Some of the tracks seem almost over-worked. Having seen Perry and his band live, this professional studio album sometimes lacks the ‘raw’ quality that makes you want to punch your fist in the air.

Having said that, Perry’s album is refreshing in its return to rock ‘n’ roll roots. It’s unpretentious, sometimes endearing, heart-wrenching, and you are left wanting more.

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