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Every girl needs a good hairstylist. This is a given fact. And haven’t we all been there: Our hair cut too short, colored in a badly chosen shade or completely ruined due to some new Keratin treatment hype.

After having my own fair share of hair disasters, I surely do know how important it is to have someone speak your “hair language”. Lucky for me, I have found him! The hair-artist who speaks it! And I call him Dubai’s most talented one…

Dani (28) and I met by chance, and very soon it became clear he was the chosen one to take care of my golden locks. For the past 3 years I have been (mostly) faithful to him, and not once walked out disappointed.

Dani manages the Royal Cut Salon in Le Meridien JBR. He started cutting hair officially when he was 15, but his love for hair was born much earlier: When he was only 9 years old he saw his mother color his aunties hair, and “it touched my heart”, he says to me with a big smile. “I wanted to do the same”.

Another incident in his early childhood showed how much he was attracted to the whole hair phenomena: “In school, I was about 7 years old, the girl sitting in front of me had very long hair, and it was always falling on my book. So one day, I used my school scissors, and just cut it off!”


Dani is someone who really loves his profession, and thrives on being successful in his field. He came to Dubai when he was just 18, and didn’t want to serve the military in his home country Syria. He arrived with barely anything, no money, no friends, no idea of what he was going to see or do. His honesty and love for his work and efforts, brought him where he is today, managing a high-end salon and living his passion. “When people pay you to do what you love, then you are successful”, he says. And adding to that: “When you have the ability to make someone happy, that is true success.” And boy, aren’t those two big truths!

Dani has great dreams and plans for the future. He would love to educate more in the field of hair, and contribute to spreading the true art of hair to as many others as possible. “In todays world there’s too many hairstylists who have no clue what they’re doing. I would love to educate more, and share what I have learned so far to create more skillful and knowledgeable hair artists!” And of course, his biggest dream is to cut in Hollywood.

This time Dani turns me into a brown vixen with long sleek hair. Some young boys whistle at me when I walk out the door. Now I know for sure, Dani is an artist!

Dani can be visited at the Royal Cut Salon at Le Meridien JBR (phone: 04 3995555 extension number 5586), or just visit his Facebook page:

Dani’s Instagram: @danihairstylist1


Author: Kaya Peters

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